Are you:

  • Selling A Company
  • Acquiring A Company
  • Seeking Investment

Selling A Company

You’ve built a successful business, employed a great team of loyal employees, and now its time to monetize the value you’ve built up and find a buyer who can take your enterprise to the next level.

Real estate agents bring in professionals to “stage” a home to make it sell quickly and for maximum value. Likewise, in selling a company, you want an experienced team that can help fully convey the potential of your business as well as compile the myriad of documents a potential buyer is going to want to review during due diligence.

We help you through the entire process: from getting your financial statements up to GAAP standards; insuring your incorporation, ownership and IP is well documented; making sure you’ve structured the deal for tax efficiency; and having a forecast, product roadmap and market assessment that gives a buyer confidence.

Since we’ve been buyers ourselves – we help you strategically target potential buyers to differentiate yourself from the many other investment opportunities available to them.

Acquiring a Company

Few companies outside of of the largest serial acquirers have the ability to maintain full time corporate development staffs to execute transactions quickly and minimize risk through detailed due diligence.

Rather than hiring a large firms who will bring in a team of newly minted MBAs, CPAs and Legal Associates, at the same or less cost we bring in a team of experienced professionals who’ve been doing deals for decades. We’ve got the proven processes and experience doing diligence on 100’s of companies so:

  • We know what to look for and cover all the critical risk areas
  • We’ve got the subject matter expertise in a wide variety of technology focused industries
  • We know how to look beyond the ‘marketing spin’ including in every offering
  • We can quantify the potential synergies
  • We can insure the valuation and deal structure address the risks identified

And our expertise doesn’t end when the deal is signed – we offer proven integration processes and project management to help insure those critical first 100 days go smoothly and insure long term success

Seeking Investment

You’ve started a company, recruited friends, family and angel investors to help you get the first product out the door and are now generating revenue. Now you’ve got to raise $10M or more from ‘institutional’ investors – be it Banks, Venture Capital firms, or Strategic Investors. Before they fund you they are going to put you through a rigorous due diligence process. How do you deal with this while your trying to keep your business growing?

You hire a experienced team that can help collect, prepare and present the data you are going to need:

  • Preparing an executive summary and business plan for potential investors
  • Helping you prepare for subject matter experts who will review your company
  • Fully documenting your IP


It used to be a traditional IPO took 6 months or more and an army of lawyers, auditors, and advisors to compile an S-1 offering statement and roadshow presentation. The process has become so expensive and complex that firms valued in billions of dollars have put it off as long as possible.

The JOBS Act of 2012 opened up the opportunity to raise smaller amounts of equity in a simplified process called Reg A+ but much of the work involved in a traditional IPO is still required as you compile your Form 1A registration statement and marketing program.

You can waste many $100,000’s hiring many separate advisors, or go with a turnkey offering from a firm that brings decades of traditional IPO experience in all the areas you need: business, legal, audit, and tax.