Case Study: Division Carve-Out

Client Needs

  • Segment out business – standalone financial view
  • Maintain internal and external confidentiality
  • Execute sales process without involvement of division staff
  • Ensure separation of IP
  • Tax efficiency

Our Offerings

  • M&A process management
  • Pro-forma standalone financials
  • Preparation of a 5-year pro-forma standalone business plan, including cash flow and EBITDA projections
  • Market and competitive assessment (TAM/SAM)
  • Recruit / engage investment banker
  • Data room preparation (legal, financial, business, etc.)
  • Due diligence support
  • Identify and document shared services that would need to be replaced, and estimate financial impact for buyer
  • Draft transition services arrangements and schedules
  • IP cross-licensing agreements
  • Closing schedules of transferred assets
  • Tax advisory
  • Post-close integration advisory